Use a Hostgator Coupon In 2014

Are you fond of discount coupons? Do you like getting discounts on every online transaction? In fact most of us like to get discount coupons with every purchase. You must have tried many online coupons with a secret code to avail your offer while shopping for your favorite gadgets, clothes, accessories, etc. But have you ever thought that you can get online discount coupons for subscribing to your web hosting plan? It might be surprising for you and you may speculate that the web hosting company might not provide quality services as the Hostgator coupon 2014 will reduce the amount of subscription. You should clear your mind of these myths as the discount coupons are offered by one of the leading web hosting service providers of the world, HostGator.

Services provided by Hostgator


Hostgator is an award winning web host who offer an array of subscription plans on web hosting. They provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth and guarantee an uptime of 99.9%. They also provide free site building tools and templates, user-friendly control panel or cPanel, unlimited email addresses and disk space, and a 24/7 technical services round the year for every plan of web hosting. Apart from all these quality services, Hostgator also offer a 45 day money back guarantee to its customers if they are unsatisfied with the service. Based in Houston, Texas, this web hosting service provider is expanding globally with the escalating demand in the web hosting industry. They offer various plans and packages on shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated web hosting both for the beginners and the professionals. You can avail of all these services at affordable prices and you can even get discount on the packages and plans with coupon codes.

Acquiring Hostgator coupons in 2014

Hostgator updates its coupon codes every year and almost in every month. You cannot use a coupon of the last year or the previous month, so you should look for the latest coupon codes generated by Hostgator in their official as well as affiliate websites. You can use hostgator coupon just as you use discount coupons for other online transactions in just a few simple steps. Any time you can acquire 30% discount by redeeming the coupon. The latest coupon offers you a discount of 35% on web hosting plans, and usually this continues for a few months. You can get higher discounts during special holidays like New Year, Black Friday, Christmas, Hostgator’s anniversary, Cyber Monday, etc. So, keep on exploring the coupons and enjoy its benefits.

Latest Hostgator coupon codes of 2014

The latest coupon code offers a discount of 30% on all the hosting plans and you can enjoy many complementary free benefits with every plan like free site building tools, templates, etc. Hostgator also offers another plan called ‘1 cent plan’. This coupon code allows you to subscribe for the hatchling and baby plan designed for beginners at just 1 cent. The subscription prices of the plans have now become cheaper and thus more affordable.

To conclude

Using Hostgator coupon codes is simple and easy just like the discount coupons in any other online transaction. You can use these coupons reliably and enjoy the excellent services of Hostgator at affordable prices.


UK Companies: Easily Web Hosting

Nowadays whatever product you will buy, in case you search carefully, you will see the name of a website at the back. It is the website owned by that particular company and if you visit the web site, you will get much other important information about the company including its origin, the contact details with which you can contact them for any queries information or any complaint, the main places it is located and etc. So, web sites have become an integral part of today’s business and no company can be able to enter the market or build product reputation among the customers without making a web site of their own.

UK web hosting companies

In the United Kingdom, there are many web site hosting companies that also help you with the designing part of your web site. There are two types of web hosting- one is the free web hosting in which, the hosting company will not charge you any money for designing your web site. The other option is paid web hosting, in which you have to pay money for designing the web site. One such paid company is easily web hosting. It’s also among the top companies.


Among the top paid web hosting companies in UK, easily website hosting is one of the best as it provides some of the world class facilities within just $3.50 per month. Some of the facilities include security by the top antivirus company, AVG. Apart from this they also host mobile websites. You have a lot of choice among the extensions like .com,,,, .mobi, etc. That’s why it’s one of the top web hosts and more than 81%of the people in UK choose this brand. They also provide unlimited bandwidth. You also have options in web site designs. You get to choose your design from hundreds of options. So that’s really useful.

If you choose the full version of website creator, you can upload unlimited number of pages. On choosing the full package of business edition, you get a shopping cart catalogue along with it.

Most of the web site hosting companies in UK will not be able to provide free domains or the unlimited memory space for your web site. There are also other problems associated with the free web hosting companies, they are the domain name they give will not only contain your companies name but it will come after the free web servers name. The free web sites will also be filled with advertisements when you open them, so if any person is seriously looking at the web site for taking any important decisions like of buying any expensive product of the company or making any business deals or going into business relationships with the company, he/ she will be irritated with the website and may be taking a decision causing loss of the company. This is the reason why a lot of customers prefer going for reliable companies like Easily Website Hosting, which provide some of the best facilities at very low prices. They provide complete customer satisfaction for sure.

The Best Canadian Web Hosting Companies

Canadian Web hosting providers are one the popular web hosting providers which offers web hosting solutions all over Canada. Setting a trend, the Canadian web hosts have developed themselves into a brand itself over their competitors. The company has developed in size, depth and technology while providing premium level of service. It might not be too old but surprising that the Canadian Web hosts have surged ahead impeccably to stay in front. They decided to implement FFmpeg modules which helped them in the value added plans and have evolved as a very good medium.

Importance of Canadian Web Hosting

The Canadian web hosting needed is for the cost benefits. If you consider the rates of web hosting with Canada with other countries you are bound to found out that various plans are present in Canada which are very cheap. It is important to take into account all your options and make you educated while you decide on choosing your webhost.

Hosting Servers in Canada

One of the major cards up for grab in Canadian webhosts’ sleeves is the speed and efficiency at which the Canadian servers can connect to the internet. Since Canadian hubs (where hosting providers are generally found) such as Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal are located very near to USA cities, hence the speed are faster and stronger than many of the neighboring states of USA. Considering Canadian internet backbones are fast, reliable and inceptable quality and are fully integrated with internet backbones in USA web hosting, Canada has started to shake its hand in the air as a viable efficient and affordable option that will more often act as a great alternative.

You can sometimes bet that the Canadian hosting solutions are making themselves serious contenders in a rapidly evolved area of web hosting. So when you are planning to get the cheapest and most reliable web hosting you can definitely check some of these hosting service providers. When you are investing into the process of web hosting there are certain questions that can come into your mind that one needs to clear:

What money back guarantee does the web hosting offer?

Money back guarantee is offered within 60 days on all plans by most reputed web hosts. If the service does not meet the requirements you can let us know and cancellation is available online. The feedbacks of the clients are very important for assisting the other current clients and future clients.

What is the technical response time and what does it cover?

Technical support is available for 24 x7 by telephone and email. Response time is fairly quick and it varies depending upon the problem. Feedbacks are held really important for better client support.

The Best Canadian Web hosting Companies targets not only their natives but the global audience, and companies like Hostgator have come up a long way to serve the customers globally, while being tagged for a quality time as one of the most reliable and reputed brand names in web hosting not just as a Canadian web host, but a global web host.

Requirements for Web Hosting: Ecommerce

Along with the passage of time, the general habits and likings of human beings have changed. In earlier days, before buying any costly item or making any business deal with any company, people used to go for a detailed survey from the business magazines or the sources like that to judge the past of the company and to get an outlook of the company. It used to be very helpful in making decisions. But nowadays, the trend has changed. Nowadays, you will see the people taking up solutions and looking up for the details of any company from the internet. This saves time and the effort spent in searching for the appropriate information. Plus, you get all the information of your product with the full description of the company along with the contact numbers and the e-mail IDs in case you have to contact them.

The web hosting companies

For doing these types of web site designing works, the web site hosting companies have come up who provides the people with all kinds of facilities they need while designing the web site. They are complete experts and will help to completely design your own web site according to your need and the kind of company you are having. Most of the free web hosting companies cannot provide you with these services, so it’s always better if you choose a paid web site. There are many services a web hosting company should be providing. So, the basic requirements of web hosting ecommerce are:

Enough disk space


The web hosting company must offer adequate disk space for the e-commerce site. In many cases, the web hosting companies also have a provision of adding some extra disk space to your web site when the disk space is consumed up. Top companies do provide unlimited disk space for putting up as many pictures or information you like no your e-commerce site.

No advertising

There should be no advertising in your e-commerce website. Most of the free web hosting companies does earn good amount of money from posting advertisements on the web sites. And, this usually irritates the visitor who is viewing the web site, which in turn creates a negative impression. So, the advertisements should be blocked to make the site look better.

FTP access

Most of the free web hosting companies does allow adding or designing the web pages only through the online site builders. They do not allow the people to transfer files and web pages from their computer system to the designer. Though it may be very helpful for the beginners but it is a problem for the experienced people.

Technical support

There must be technical support provided by the web hosting company, and it must be available round the clock to deal with the problems faced by the customers. If the working hours of the customer/technical support team are not 24/7, it can get really difficult for the e-commerce site as no technical support will be found in case any problem arises during the off-time and the company will be affected.


The web hosting company must install some measures to protect the web site from all kinds of hackers and viruses.

Beware of Small Business Web Hosting Reviews

In the 21st century, with the massive development in all the fields, especially in the field of technology, it is basically impossible to build an impact or enter the market and do business and bring growth to a company without having a website. Almost all the companies, small or big, are more interested in making their website in such a way that it has a good impression in the mind of the visitor, so that he/she wants to buy the company’s product or make a business relation with the company.

It is mainly because of the increasing dependence of the people on the internet. People today generally tend to take help of the internet for everything, even for assistance in choosing the company also. So, with the increasing demand for website making, the web hosting companies have also come up and they have increased in large numbers mainly in the last few years.

Types of web hosting


Web hosting can be mainly divided into two types. Free and paid. The free web hosting, as the name suggests, requires no money and you can make your site for free. The paid one needs money. You will have to pay them on a monthly basis. There are a lot of web hosting companies in the market both free and paid offering different services and each one claiming to be best one, and trying to show that the services provided by them are the best. But, before choosing the web hosting company, you should not be carried away by the reviews they give as customer reviews, and should look in details.

For the small companies

Generally, the small companies, doing business in a small area with a small capital, cannot afford to spend much amount of money in web site designing, so they tend to go with the company offering web site at the lowest price. Most of the free web hosting companies does take advantage of this as many choose free web site hosting alternative.

Problems with free web hosts

There are lot of problems associated with the free web hosting sites. The biggest problem is the security issue. The free web hosting companies do not have any system of checking for any sorts of viruses or malwares or any threats of hackers, so the sites are easy to be attacked by these and you will be the sufferer. Plus, they only provide 1500MB to 10GB of memory space, so every time you add a photo, you will have to think about that limit. They also don’t give you the free domain and your website domain will contain the name of the server. So it is troublesome.

Problems with paid sites faking the reviews

There are also many website hosting companies which put fake small business web hosting reviews and try to show there company is best by reducing the cost. You must beware of them. The companies must give unlimited space along with a free domain and also website designing tools.

So, before investing on any company, to get best result you must look at the options available and also the cost you can pay.